Dover is back on the job

Covid-19 survivor Keith Dover (photo courtesy Keith Dover)
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By Shermain Bique-Charles

[email protected]

In what could have been described as mixed emotions this week, the Antigua and Barbuda Public Utilities Authority (APUA) celebrated the life and return of one of its very own.

Kieth Dover, one of the country’s first Covid-19 cases — is now working as an Inet technician in an office setting for the first time in 22 years. Prior to his illness he worked in the field.

He was diagnosed with the coronavirus in April 2020 and remained in the Intensive Care Unit at the Mount St John’s Medical Centre for nine weeks, fighting for his life.

APUA said in a statement yesterday that Dover is presently training and learning about all the software and programmes that run the Installation and Repairs Department within the Telecomms Business Unit.

During his first day at the office, after all the welcome celebrations, Dover appealed to his colleagues to stay safe and be responsible.

“Don’t let your guard down with this virus. It is not just a flu or common cold… follow the protocols and let’s ride this thing out until it goes away. Let us take care of ourselves and those around us,” he cautioned.

APUA said the company wishes Dover well in his continued recovery. Dover’s mobility is still compromised making him unfit to return to the field just yet.

He is confident that with therapy he will be able to walk without much discomfort.

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