Dominica: Skerrit condemns ‘harassment’ by opposition forces; says he will not be frightened

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(DNO) – Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has said that he will not be threatened by what he described as harassment by opposition forces.

On Friday, the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) organized a gathering at the entrance of Morne Daniel to show their disapproval of that $32,000 monthly rental fees for the Prime Minister’s residence in addition which was approved by cabinet.

It is believed that his remarks are also linked to an incident which occurred on the weekend which led to the arrest of parliamentary representative for the Roseau North Constituency, Danny Lugay.

“If you as any person, somebody is harassing your life, what do you do?” he asked. “Wouldn’t you call the police or go to your lawyer? So, why can’t I have the same protection that you have?”

He continued, “Reflect and meditate upon this, especially those who are supporting individuals and those who were themselves engaged in this harassment of Roosevelt Skerrit.”

The Prime Minister added, “You have children, you have brothers and sisters, you have families, you are also a human being, ask yourself if you are subjected to the same harassment…”

He said those who do not like him, he prays for them.

“Why do you hate me for?” Prime Minister Skerrit asked. “Why don’t you like me? What have I done to you? Nothing”

Is it because he asked, “you believe that you want to be in this position or you guys want to be in government  and the person you think is preventing you to be there is Roosevelt Skerrit?”

The Prime Minister made it clear that he is from Dominica; he was born in this country and shall remain there to continue his contribution to Dominica’s development.

“No matter where I choose to reside in this part of Dominica, I am a Dominican and people have to respect that the same way I respect people’s rights to reside wherever they wish and to carry out their duties but don’t believe ever that you are frightening me,” he stated.

Protesters at the CCM gathering were prevented from getting close to the prime minister’s residence by barricades and a heavy police presence.

Roseau North MP, Lugay, who was accompanied by Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton and one other individual when his vehicle was stopped in the vicinity of the prime minister’s residence at Morne Daniel, was the only one taken into police custody.

He said the reason given to him for being taken in for questioning by the police was because they “received credible information that some persons were posing a threat to the prime minister’s residence”.

The Roseau North MP, whose constituency includes Morne Daniel, insists that the claim which the police made about him being in the Prime Minister’s driveway was fabricated.

He also says that he was physically assaulted by a police officer when being put into the vehicle which took him to police headquarters.

Lugay has vowed that he will have his day in court.

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