Doctor launches web series to address popular health misconceptions

Doctor disinfecting arm of patient in volunteer clinic
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General practitioner, Dr Courtney Lewis

By Kadeem Joseph

[email protected]

A local medical practitioner is launching an online series geared towards tackling medical misconceptions among residents in Antigua and Barbuda.

Dr Courtney Lewis says while many people traditionally depended on their doctors for medical information, many are turning to social media and online sources for advice.

“It has made it a lot more difficult to streamline or to safeguard where the real, true information is coming from, so anyone without training, without specialisation can just have an opinion [on health matters],” he said. “It’s amazing how many people just pick it up, especially young people.”

The medical practitioner says those who tune in will be educated on how to take care of themselves “properly”.

The public will be able to ask questions and suggest topics with the first discussion for the weekly broadcast coming this Wednesday at 7pm. The first episode promises to focus on the controversial Covid-19 vaccine.

Dr Lewis said “it is amazing” that with a wealth of “properly referenced” sources of information on the vaccine, individuals still have “misunderstandings” concerning the vaccine or misinterpret the information provided.

He believes the online health talk will give the public a chance to get some of their doubts about the new inoculation clarified.

Dr Lewis says many may be sceptical about the new vaccine because of where information on the shot is coming from.

“I think what really is the big issue in the minds of the people is that most of the information about the vaccine isn’t coming from their doctor; it is coming from the government, the media, big pharma companies, and these historically are groups of people that the general public doesn’t have a great amount of trust for,” he added.

The episodes will be streamed via LMA_Health on Instagram and LMA 268 on Facebook.

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