DNA taking notes as advice and criticism pour in

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The newly formed political party, Democratic National Alliance (DNA) – said it is taking seriously, criticisms and suggestions made to and about the organisation since its launch a week ago.
Speaking on behalf of the party, DNA member Anthony Stuart said it is a “listening” organisation.
“The DNA is a listening organisation … we have been listening intently to well-wishers, critics, pundits, the men and women on the street and our political opponents … we note with interest, the two main political parties have made comments,” he said.
Stuart said the launch of other parties in recent years did not get as much public reaction as the DNA. This he said, he takes as a positive sign.
“Hundreds of persons have made applications for membership” Stuart said, while adding that despite not being born out of a trade union nor affiliated with one, the DNA will be a force to reckon with.
Stuart made the comment as he noted that the Chairman of the ruling Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) EP Chet Greene suggested that the party must be associated with a union in order to be successful.
“The DNA wants to encourage workers to be unionised and also to let all workers know that being members of AT&LU or the ABWU does not mean they must automatically support the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party or the United Progressive Party, respectively,” he advised.
Meanwhile, Stuart described as “unfortunate”, comments by the Political Leader of the main opposition United Progressive Party (UPP), Harold Lovell, who said his party is not going to give any legitimacy to the DNA publicly as he dismissed it as a “sideshow”.
Stuart, who is a former member of the UPP and who was sacked as a senator on two occasions, said Lovell’s response has attracted criticism from UPP members who have already reached out to him (Stuart) to share their dissatisfaction with the leadership of the UPP.
The DNA was launched on April 18 and is led by expelled UPP MP, Joanne Massiah.

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