DNA party unveils shadow Cabinet, spokespersons

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For its one year anniversary, the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is launching, on April 18, its shadow Cabinet or spokespersons on specific issues.
In a statement to the media tonight, the DNA said, “We are pleased to share with the public our colleagues who have been appointed as
Lead Spokespersons to articulate and discuss the DNA’s views, vision and policies on a broad cross section of issues affecting our economy and our People.”
This move also comes nearly a month after the new party, with 13 candidates, failed to garner more than 1,000 votes out of more than 52,000 registered electors.
The DNA said, “We remind the public that the DNA is committed to running a lean, efficient and streamlined government and therefore, the Portfolios listed do not represent the number of Ministries which would comprise our Administration.”
The list is as follows:
Health and Wellness  – Joanne Massiah
Finance, Economic Development and Corporate Governance – Anthony Stuart
Utilities and the Environment – Bruce Goodwin
Education – Joanne Massiah
Social Transformation and Gender Affairs – Erica Edwards
Telecommunication, Information, Broadcasting and Science – Louis Rivera
Civil Aviation, Marine Transportation and Ports – Gatesworth James
Legal Affairs, National Security, Barbuda Affairs and Immigration – Joanne Massiah
Tourism, Culture and the Arts – Kimberly Grant
Lands, Urban Development and Housing – Leon Smith
Sports and Youth Affairs – Vere Cornelius
Foreign Affairs, Trade, Investment and Manufacturing – Bruce Goodwin
Public Services, Human Resource Development and Labour – Kelton Dalso
Public Works and Local Transportation – Joanne Massiah
Agriculture and Fisheries – Gameal Joyce
The party meanwhile said it “will continue to grow our membership, build our Party and prepare to take the reins of government in the next general elections.”
The country’s next general elections is constitutionally due five years from now. Joanne Massiah, who now leads the DNA, formed the party after she had a disagreement, starting in 2014, over leadership of the United Progressive Party (UPP) of which she was a part.
The party eventually expelled her after neither side could agree and mediation never got off the ground. Once she was expelled, she sat as an Independent member of parliament, though she had won the seat on the UPP’s in the 2014 general elections. Several candidates on the DNA slate now, are also ex-UPP members.

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