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DNA on a mission to win electorate’s support after inaugural congress

By Theresa Goodwin

[email protected]

Winning the hearts and the minds of the electorate to lead the party to victory whenever the next election is called in Antigua and Barbuda is the primary objective of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA).

The DNA’s Political Leader, Joanne Massiah, said this is the main aim going forward, following the party’s first congress on Sunday, cementing its status as the country’s third political party.

For the four-year-old party, the event was seen as a significant milestone because the DNA is also the first in the nation’s history to be led by a female.

“The holding of the successful congress was designed to institutionalise the party as a political organisation, fully clothed with constitutionality, and that happened,” she said.

In addition to the formal exercise, DNA team leaders hosted a business session where members were able to ratify the party’s constitution and form a management committee, or the executive.

“We were able to do that successfully and so we are now able to carry out all the other constitutional duties there, in so far as setting up our Social Outreach Committee, Women’s Committee, Youth Committee, among others,” Massiah added.

The elected officers are Joanne Massiah, President, Bruce Goodwin, First Vice President, Anthony Stuart, Second Vice President, Chairperson Malaka Parker, Deputy Chairperson Louis Rivera and Secretary General Gatesworth James.

          Majorie Parchment will serve as Deputy Secretary General, Chaneil Imhoff will head communications, Gameal Joyce will be Chief Financial Officer, Coady Joseph will serve as Deputy Financial Officer, and Kelton Dalso as Mobilisation Officer.

Well-known St Kitts and Nevis politician, Dwyer Astaphan, who delivered the feature remarks on Sunday, encouraged party members to be clear and sincere in the messaging that is communicated to the electorate in order to gain their support.

He said this is one of the ways a three-party system could be successful within the region.

Several male and female leaders across the region who participated in the virtual forum also delivered congratulatory remarks to Massiah and her team.



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