DNA not inspired by the works of its opponents

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Former United Progressive Party (UPP) executive member Anthony Stuart said the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) is destroying the country, as he added that he is not impressed with the performance of the ruling Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) and the main opposition UPP.
Stuart who is now a member of the newly formed party – Democratic National Alliance – said, “The government, just like the United Progressive Party, is leading this country down the wrong road…When I look at the CIP report persons are saying where is the real estate option and I warn people don’t call for that.”
He said in Antigua & Barbuda, the few CIP real estate investment projects that have been secured are being developed along the coastline and as such, property value is climbing to US $400 thousand – US $450, 000.
Stuart also expressed concern that if an ordinary resident wants to buy land, he will not be able to do so when the land is being sold for approximately $3 million due to the impact the CIP real estate option has already begun to have on the country.
“Which man in Gray’s Farm will get a piece of land to buy when the value of the adjacent property goes up?” he posited.
He said he believes that the DNA party will be of great example to the people of Antigua & Barbuda and said it intends to work towards unseating the ruling ABLP.
He promised that the DNA’s intention is to fill a void identified by the electorate, so that they don’t get disenchanted with politics.
Stuart, meanwhile, took a shot at the party to which he was aligned up to 2015, saying, “The UPP is in shambles under the leadership of Harold Lovell.”
“I believe that the honourable Baldwin Spencer, looking at an institution that he would have worked hard to build, is seeing that the institution is falling down every day,” Stuart said.
He said that he is convinced that the next general elections, constitutionally due in 2019, are going to be a race among three political parties in Antigua & Barbuda, the ABLP, UPP and DNA.
DNA is a new party which was launched on April 18, 2017. Many of its members, including Stuart, are former UPP members who left or were forced out after a fallout in the 2015 leadership race.
Update: An earlier version of this story wrongly attributed the remarks to Sylvester Browne. Browne had appeared on a Snakepit radio programme alongside fellow DNA members Anthony Stuart and Joanne Massiah. However it was Anthony Stuart who made the remarks referenced in this article. 

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