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DNA Nominates 16 Candidates to contest the 2023 General Elections

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Jamel Knight – St. John’s City West
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Roland Timothy – St. John’s City South
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Avoy Knight – All Saint’s East & St. Luke

Today, the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) created history when it secured nominations for its 16 candidates slated to contest the general elections on January 18th, 2023. This is the first time since adult suffrage that the electorate will have candidates from 3 political parties in all constituencies on Antigua.

DNA President, Joanne Massiah, remarked, “We are humbled to have secured nominations for all of our candidates and thank the 160 persons who nominated us. We remain confident and optimistic that the electorate, having weighed the three (3) parties objectively and dispassionately, will conclude that the DNA is the best option for Antigua and Barbuda’s future development as we represent the REAL change which is urgently needed now. We encourage the voters to remain focused on the issues facing us – lack of water, unsustainable national debt, crumbling infrastructure, the economy to include the minimum wage, unemployment and under-employment, the escalating cost of living, crime, our failing healthcare plants… we are persuaded that our plans, policies and programs will excite the electorate as they are designed to diversify our economy and to deliver our motto, Prosperity For All! Our candidates will continue to work in the trenches to meet the people, listen to their concerns and recommendations and to share our party’s transformational leadership philosophy.”



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