DNA gives government a failing grade for 2019

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By Latrishka Thomas

“Twenty-nineteen will go down in the annals of our history as representing the most wicked, purposefully and recklessly designed economic crime against our people,” the leader of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Joanne Massiah said in her New Year address as she chronicled the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party’s (ABLP’s) poor performance for 2019.

She said that the biggest ill was “perpetuated by our government as so glaringly and insensitively evidenced in full public view by the Global Ports unprecedented giveaway of our principal cruise tourism revenue earner”, which according to her is a “model of neo-colonialism never seen this the abolition of slavery almost 200 years ago.”

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  1. Joanne ! In retrospect you have made the greatest mistake you’ll never ever recover or retrieve . Look at where you would be today, had you not been anxious, greedy and full of yourself ! I hope Mr. Goodwin will not continue to allow you to continue leading him down the blind path, we need leaders with vision, patience and purpose.


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