DNA candidate for St. Peter publishes policy document

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DNA St. Peter Candidate Chaneil Imhoff
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With less than 20 days until general elections, the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) candidate for St Peter, Chaneil Imhoff, has released her proposed policies for the constituency.

In a press release, Imhoff stated that she does not “believe in manifestos [as] over 90 percent of what is put in a manifesto is never accomplished and they do not make room for long-term development”.

She added, “in order to truly catalyse and deliver the change that we need in Antigua and Barbuda, we must think and act differently.”

In the 12-page document, Imhoff argued that past administrations have neglected the communities in St Peter.

“We need strong, capable, and consistent representation that puts the needs of the people ahead of profit and who has the necessary knowledge and skills to adequately advocate and lead the charge for community development,” she wrote.

The document focuses on six policy priorities: entrepreneurial empowerment, education, healthcare, sports, culture, and community development.

One excerpt from the document stated that, “the Parham Town clinic has been underfunded and ill-equipped for in excess of 20 years. The clinic serves the communities of Parham Town, Pares, Willikies, Seatons, Glanvilles, Gunthorpes, Vernons, and North Sound and is in dire need of renovation and modernisation.”

More of the document can be read at https://chaneilimhoff.com/vision/

By Robert A. Emmanuel

[email protected]

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