DJ Quest lands in second at Caribbean 3style Championships

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Antigua-bred DJ Quest (Blashford Wilkins Jr) placed first runner up to DJ Jus Jay out of Barbados on Saturday in the Red Bull 3Style Caribbean Finals in Panama City, Panama.

“This weekend was an emotional roller coaster for me,” said Quest on his social media pages, “as it came down to the most memorable performances of my career to date.”

Nevertheless, Quest bested the likes of four other competitors in the Caribbean competition – DJ Spinn of Jamaica, Untouchable Sounds of Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuelans DartZero75 and Maripaez.

Due to significant complications in his travel due to flight cancellations and delays, Quest only arrived in Panama City just a few hours before he was set to perform. And, to make matters even worse for the young deejay, he was set to perform first at the competition.

“After only getting 2 hours of sleep after traveling for 2 days,” Quest told his fans, “I gave it my all and I am satisfied with my performance. Thank you @redbull3style for creating this platform for me to showcase my talent, thank you @flowantigua for keeping me connected and allowing people back home to see me perform and keep up with my journey and thank you to everyone for all the well wishes and messages that you’ve rained down on me.”

“He did his best,” said a proud mother, Jemour Luke, “and he really came out on top. His set was dynamic. His energy was great!”

The Caribbean winner will now join those from over 19 other national finals for the grand final in Moscow, Russia on April 28, 2020.

Quest is next in line should Jus Jay not be able to attend the international competition.

“This isn’t the last of me,” said Quest, “2020 is the year of vision and mine is clear.”

His mom confirmed this as she had indicated that Quest has already got bookings for the United States as of February, 2020.

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