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Paul Roos, the owner of Jolly Dive and Jolly Harbour resident, was found dead in water this morning at his marina that houses two of his boats.

Roos, described as being in his seventies, was found, in the water, by a close family friend who immediately jumped into the water in an attempt to rescue him. A small group of friends shortly arrived on scene and they began making attempts to resuscitate the lifeless Roos.

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) technicians soon arrived on scene and their subsequent attempts at resuscitation also proved futile. The EMS took note of a fresh gash on his head, but it still yet unknown as to its cause or it played any part in his subsequent passing.

Roos family and friends said that he had simply been out on his routine walk of his two dogs early that morning.

Roos was pronounced dead and his body was taken by the Barnes funeral home.

Police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.

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