Distraught mother pleads for action after daughter is threatened with violence at school 

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By Robert A. Emmanuel

[email protected]

The distraught mother of a schoolgirl who has apparently had threats of physical violence made against her says she has resorted to accepting police protection for her child.

The mother of the 13-year-old girl is pleading with the relevant authorities for a solution, as escalating youth violence continues to affect the lives of students, parents, teachers and the wider community.

According to the mother, in order for her daughter to complete her examinations, the family has arranged police security on the school compound for the child who she claimed has become the target of female gang members.

The woman told Observer she became afraid after she received a letter from the school that her child attends summoning her to a meeting.

The mother claimed her daughter saw that an individual had shared a photo of her, apparently taken without consent, and bearing a caption that “she was next”.

After becoming distressed by the image, the teenager requested that her peers delete the photos, which they reportedly did after playing off the incident as a prank.

However, days after the meeting, yet another photograph of her child surfaced, with a new caption labelling her as a ‘snitch’.

The woman said the photograph appeared on multiple social media sites, which shocked and disturbed the whole family, especially her child who she described as quiet.

The mother reported the matter to the police and school authorities who she said are working with her to ensure that her daughter and others at the school are protected.

This latest testimony follows several reported incidents of violence among secondary school students, to include Antigua Grammar School, Ottos Comprehensive School and Princess Margaret School.

The attacks are seemingly being perpetuated by a gang of young people who reportedly call themselves the 2Drilly gang and its female affiliate, 2Drilly Girls, who are said to use cutlasses as their primary weapons.

Police have been approached for comment.

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