Disgraced British policeman jailed for rape

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Fifteen years is the time in jail that Lee Martin-Cramp has been sentenced to serve for raping a young woman while he was vacationing in Antigua four years ago.

The recently dismissed law enforcement officer, who was a member of the UK Metropolitan Police Force, is to be incarcerated at the former US Naval Base in keeping with the agreement between the local and UK authorities that he would not be imprisoned at the filthy Coronation Road state penitentiary which has been criticised internationally for breaching the human rights of the inmates.

Martin-Cramp was found guilty two months ago for raping the woman who was also a visitor to Antigua.

The disgraced cop, who was 26 when arrested, was condemned by Justice Iain Morley during sentencing yesterday afternoon. The judge noted that Martin-Cramp was an officer who took an oath to protect and serve but he broke that oath and violated the woman. A further aggravating factor was that the officer spiked the woman’s drink as soon as she turned her back while they were preparing to watch a movie at her apartment.

During the trial, which lasted a week, the jury had heard that in May 2015 the policeman met the young lady on a dating app called Tinder and while he was on holiday in Antigua they went to a bar.  But before going out on the date, the woman testified that she told the officer not to expect her to have sex with him. She said since he was a cop she trusted him and believed he understood this. After spending some time at the bar, they went to her apartment and talked for a while on the balcony before going inside where they shared wine.

The duo decided to watch a film on Netflix, but before doing so the victim left the room to change. She returned and when she resumed drinking her wine she noticed it had a strange taste – something she immediately mentioned to the cop, who replied that he had gone into her fridge where he found vodka and added some to the wine. He further explained that mixing the wine this way was something widely done in the UK.

The woman recalled that she had a few more sips of wine and began feeling dizzy, so she stopped drinking it. The cop then forced himself on her and she resisted, but was overpowered. She later woke up bruised and in pain.

The young woman said she maintained WhatsApp contact with her rapist after the incident so she could eventually get him to admit the crime. When he did, in the process telling her to pretend it never happened, she reported it to the police and the information was used as evidence in court.

It was a legal first that Martin-Cramp was extradited from the UK to Antigua and Barbuda last September to face the criminal charge. After seven days of trial, the jury took just three hours to convict him.

UK newsrooms recently reported that he was dismissed from the Metropolitan Police Force following his conviction. 

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