Disaster services agency promotes community drills

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The National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) is emphasising the importance of community drills in all aspects of disaster management in Antigua and Barbuda.

Such exercises, according to a release, help to identify the various challenges that may arise especially when evacuating family members with special needs, the elderly and children.

NODS is highlighting the significance of community drills ahead of the first ever community tsunami drill scheduled to take place on Saturday in the Bethesda/Christian Hill area.

The objective of the exercise is to test the time it takes residents to move to designated safe areas.

The office is finalizing preparations for the drill. Continued on page 7

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NODS officials, along with evaluators, had a walk-through in Bethesda on Wednesday.

Within the past five years, the disaster office has held tsunami drills with all the pre-schools and schools in the tsunami impact zone and government offices in vulnerable communities like Point and Villa.

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