Director of Education condemns school violence

Director of Education, Clare Browne. (File photo)
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The Ministry of Education and Sports has denounced the current state of affairs in the nation’s school system regarding violence and drug use.

The issues were addressed in a recent press release penned by the Director of Education, Clare Browne, over the weekend.

Browne said these negative behaviours present challenges for educators in not only delivering lessons, but in creating a safe environment for learning.

“The Ministry of Education and Sports strongly condemns the current level of student violence and drug use. These behaviours pose a significant threat to the teaching and learning experiences of students and school staff. These societal problems also threaten the confidence parents and students place in the education system,” he said.

In the release, Browne also stated that the Education Ministry has been gathering much needed support through a partnership campaign with several stakeholders to address the current challenges.

He said that the goal is to assist students who are “struggling with issues that cause them to be less than what they are meant to become.

“We will be conducting a series of initiatives to prevent/reduce the level of violence and drug use that is emerging in our schools. We will be working collaboratively with other agencies to aid in the enforcement of these new initiatives.”

Browne further appealed to students, parents and community leaders to assist the Ministry in reducing and mitigating violence and drug use in schools.

“We are appealing to our students to maintain focus on their education and things which positively impact the development of their minds, and bodies. We are appealing to all parents of school-aged children to become more vigilant in the affairs of your children. We are appealing to our church leaders and various sports club leaders to join in this campaign to prevent/reduce student violence and drug use. We are also appealing to communities to be positive role models and guardians for our children.”

In April, a video on social media showcased students fighting at the YMCA On May 4, an incident at Ottos Comprehensive School involving two teenagers who had previous disagreements resulted in both of them being treated in hospital after suffering stab wounds.

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