Digicel increases fees despite no governmental approval

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Telecommunications company Digicel has applied fee increase, despite the matter still lacking formal approval from the necessary ministries to do so.
A customer who spoke with OBSERVER media said she recently got a bill with the increased charges.
The data service for prepaid customers has also increased since news of the five per cent increase was made public.
About three weeks ago, Irish telecommunications company Digicel announced that it would increase its postpaid mobile calls and data services and plans by five percent.
In a letter issued to customers across the country, Digicel says that, effective January 23rd, this increase would be evident. Customers would see the changes reflected in their February 1st bill.
But, a customer who spoke with Observer media was upset that they had received a bill which reflected the increase.
Their concern, like with many others, was that the telecommunications company had not been given the go ahead by government.
CEO of Digicel Antigua Janice Sutherland says even though Digicel is still awaiting approval, their systems had already been preset to raise prices.
Furthermore, several customers have noticed that the increases began just days after Digicel made the announcement and not from January 23rd as stated.
Observer media was unable to reach Telecommunications Minister Melford Nicholas by phone before publication , but he did tell us previously that he was unable to guarantee that Digicel’s application – which they submitted to government after informing customers- would be approved.
Sir Robin Yearwood, public utilities minister, later told OBSERVER media  that the application would most likely be approved.
Sutherland says that if the request is not approved, customers would receive refund credits.

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