Detecting black market sales is a task, Director of Pharmaceutical Services says

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The Director of Pharmaceutical Services in Antigua and Barbuda has outlined some of the difficulties encountered in trying to stem the sale of pharmaceutical products on the black market.

Although the Pharmacy Amendment Bill sought to implement much needed changes to the regulate the practice, Alfred Athill revealed that it has been a challenge for his department to monitor the illicit sale of medicinal drugs, particularly those that have been banned.

The director said that currently, the biggest dilemma faced by his organisation is identifying those individuals who are engaged in the illegal sale and distribution of drugs. Despite that dilemma, however, the Pharmaceutical Services would remove the drugs once they have been identified.

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  1. Sadly until someone dies nothing aggressively will be done. Now is the time to make the law so strong they will think 3 times before doing this foolishness. If someone dies clearly the charge should be nothing less than murder with intent life in prison plus.


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