Denise Francis’ family says thanks and shares update on her recovery in a press release

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By Hyacinth Charles (Mother of Denise Francis)

“The family of Denise Francis, who was discharged on November 1st from Mount St John’s Medical Centre, would like to thank, first of all Almighty God for His grace and favour and for His divine healing since, given the seriousness of her condition, even the doctors said they were witnessing a miracle and Denise has a lot to be thankful for.

“On the 5th October, Denise was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at MSJMC with a diagnosis of bleeding on the brain which was too deeply imbedded to be operated on. So she had to be kept stable and her blood pressure in check. Throughout it all she remained conscious, experiencing very excruciating pain. After more than two weeks when she was out of the ICU, she developed a blood clot in her left leg which could not be treated with blood thinners because of the bleeding on the brain. A procedure was done to insert a filter to prevent any clots going to the lungs.

“God’s presence is being felt in our time and He answers prayers. We would like to thank everyone for interceding on her behalf: Apostle Stephen Andrews, Sister Millet and the prayer Intercessors from SJPC House of Restoration; Pastor and Mrs Johnson from Zion Church, Freeman’s Village; and the family groups. We are heartened by the overwhelming support and prayers from family and friends all across Antigua, the Caribbean, the US, and England, including her father’s Rastafari colleagues across the Caribbean and as far as Ethiopia and Ghana.

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