Denise begins to show signs of improvement

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God has seemingly heard and is answering the prayers of the family, friends and all those who wish Denise Francis well as, according to the latest reports received from her parents, she has shown much improvement over the previous 24 hours.

“The hopeful thing from the doctor is that she is conscious,” her father, Ambassador Franklin “King Frank-I” Francis said while giving an update on her condition. “And in patients of similar situations and conditions, they have not been able to respond to questions and be as conscious as how Denise currently is, so there’s that degree of hope.”

And, her mother Hyacinth Charles, who sounded much more upbeat than when OBSERVER media first contacted her on Monday, reported: “The last scan they did yesterday she’s not any worse.”

Denise had suffered a yet to be named condition, which manifested last Friday evening and caused blood to begin seeping into her brain.

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