Demolition of ‘double decker’ draws nearer with completion of vendor booths

The double decker will be demolished to make way for a new stand
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By Carlena Knight

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Demolition of the iconic ‘double decker’ cricket stand is set to begin some time in the upcoming weeks.

The removal of the stand in the Antigua Recreation Grounds (ARG) was originally slated to begin early in April but the relocation of the vendors who previously plied their trade under the stand was identified as the hold-up, as the booths to which they would be relocated had not been not completed.

Yesterday, Sports Minister Daryll Matthew provided an update on the relocation, saying that the booths have been completed and that some final touches are to be done on the area.

“As recently as {Wednesday] in Cabinet we had some discussions about the delay in terms of the demolition of the double decker stand. We have been waiting for eight weeks.

“Since I met with the vendors, they have all come on board. The booths for them to be relocated in are complete and the Ministry of Works had indicated that in order to complete the site, they have to do some paving and a temporary bathroom facility at the site which is just outside the West indies Cricket Board ticketing office and so once that is done, then we can proceed full steam ahead but everything is in place for the demolition,” Matthew explained.

However, an exact date was not given for when the vendors will be relocated.

After demolition, the newly created space will remain open for a short time before reconstruction commences on the new stand.

The YASCO Sports Complex is expected to benefit from the demolition of the stand as plans have been outlined to utilise salvaged material to construct permanent seating at the country’s lone track and field facility.

The dilapidated state of the ARG has come under much scrutiny by members of the public. Recently, cricketing legend Sir Vivian Richards shared his disapproval over the condition of the ARG.

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