Delayed Cycling Season set to pedal off

Cyclists here are anticipating the long awaited start of the 2015 national cycling season following weeks of delay.

This is according to Second Vice President of the Antigua & Barbuda Cycling Association (ABCA), Jevon Goodwin, who is hoping that all cyclists turnout for the season opening on Sunday.

“The engines are all revved, that’s the report I am getting and all the guys have been training very hard and they pretty much can’t wait for the start which is this Sunday. The first race is going to be the Pan Am Base opening circuit race, it’s going to be three laps for the elite class and we trickle down to all the other classes,” he said.

“We are hoping for a good turnout from all the cyclists of course because they are the ones participating and also the general public,” he added.

The cycling calendar which normally starts at mid February is getting off to a late start owing to what some are calling “in-fighting” within the Association.

Reports are that current President, Cliff Williams, has been asked by some within the cycling fraternity to step down as the Association’s head.

The consensus, according to sources, is that Williams is not in a position to dedicate the time required to push the sport forward.

The current state of affairs, Goodwin said, has not daunted the spirits of the athletes.

“Everybody has pretty much been positive and of course, will be looking to move forward so the hoopla doesn’t really (affect) the cyclists because they are pretty much ready much ready to race because that’s all they are training to do, that’s all they are preparing for and that’s all they want to do so any hoopla that’s there, the cyclists are not aware of it,” the VP Said.

The Cycling Association is set to host general elections on Thursday night.