Delay In Constitutional Changes Blamed For Nine Year Volleyball Elections Delay

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President of the Antigua & Barbuda Volleyball Association (ABVA), Wilbur Harrigan, said a delay in the planned review of the Association’s constitution coupled with repeated requests by members to delay their Annual General Meeting (AGM), contributed to organization’s inability to host elections in almost nine years.
Harrigan, who was responding to claims from one player, Dion Francis, that the orgainsation’s members are not fully equipped with the relevant information required to make an informed decision where it pertains to the elections, said that at this point, members just simply want to vote.
“One, we are trying to get the constitution changed to reflect the Olympic cycle and, on a lesser note, a number of the members were not [keen], because we have plenty work to do, we have games to do and they said, let’s not worry about that and sometimes in order to be a leader you must be a follower and that is what it is,” he said.
“Within the last two years, we have attempted to set election dates at least twice and you know what’s happening now, these people asking for an AGM and you have suggestions to cancel it and let us meet,” he added.
Harrigan, who said he is hoping to contest the general elections slated for February 9, debunked reports that no audited financials will be presented to members ahead of the anticipated meeting.
“The audit is being done and three or four days before the AGM, each clubs will receive a set of audited statements. They would not be audited by me,” he said.
Francis, who made it clear he would not be contesting the scheduled elections, shared concerns that teams are not prepared and or educated enough to make an informed decision on February 9.
“The teams aren’t really very organized and I am of the view that the educational process has been stymied because some of these youngsters only know Wilbur Harrigan and his team. The clubs really, have not had a chance to meet and herein lies my issue or my challenge because although I am happy that elections have been called, I have asked for and spoken to several members of the executive body, a general meeting prior to the AGM so that we could discuss matters of volleyball,” he said.
“Prior to the elections, I think it would be the best time or the perfect time to let’s talk volleyball, let’s discuss the issues and explain to us why the constitution states that every year we should be having elections but you haven’t called one for nine years,” Francis added.
The Volleyball Association has not held constitutionally due elections for almost nine years.

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