Delano Forbes report won't fall from sky, Chaku blasts Cutie

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United Progressive Party National Security spokesman Leon “Chaku” Symister says it is “unacceptable” that the Public Safety Minister is still waiting for a report on the Forbes escape, some for months after it happened.
That is what the minister, Steadroy Benjamin told OBSERVER on Monday – that the police have yet to give him a detailed report on how Forbes escaped their custody in February.
But Symister is blaming the minister and not the police. He says the minister is obligated to get the report.

The police only ever said that Forbes escaped after jumping from a cliff and running away. But they insisted that he was shackled by his feet.
The explanation was criticized by many who thought it incredulous that Delano Forbes managed to run away from the officers guarding him. Six officers involved in the incident have already been charged with disciplinary offences.
While Benjamin has also often said that he avoids meddling in the operations in the police force, Symister says demanding a report on what happened is well within his rights so to do.

United Progressive Party National Security spokesman Leon “Chaku” Symister.

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