Dead foetus found on beach

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As police probe yesterday’s disturbing discovery of a dead male foetus — believed to be at about six months gestation — at Crawl Bay, one witness recounted seeing unusual activity on the beach just moments before workers raised an alarm.
The source who asked not to be named, reported seeing someone who they “had never [been] seen in the area before” who bore “a scary look about him” and who was “walking with a black bucket”.
The source recalled that the man who “had dreadlocks” was there some time before 8 am and added, “Not long after, the guys on the beach were yelling and they had found the dead baby.”
The foetus was first discovered by a group of around 15 workers from the Department of Environment (DoE) who routinely remove seaweed from the beach at Red Hill. Later in the day it was pronounced dead by Dr Sonja Gilkes-Weste and transported to Staffie’s Funeral Home.
When OBSERVER media arrived at the scene in the morning, the reddish and purple foetus lay on its front in the seaweed, having fallen from the black plastic bag in which it was found. The workers had covered it with a white bucket and another black bucket stood not far away.
While the position it was in made it difficult to determine whether it was male or female, the developing child had clearly defined arms, legs, hands, feet, ears and some visible hair on its head.
A well-placed source later told OBSERVER media that the remains had male genitals.
One worker, a young man, said, “It happened around 8:15. As we started working, I told my friend to come over to the area to do some clearing. We saw the bag floating – a black plastic bag and it was tied off.
“He said ‘mind it’s not money or drugs’. From the time he shook the bag we saw the baby just slide out. We stopped working right then because everyone was shocked. We ran and scattered.”
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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