Daughter of former footballer awarded first scholarship named in father’s honour

Carissa Ferrance (right) accepts a trophy in honour of her father and former national and Parham defender, Eustace Ferrance. The award was presented by a member of the Georgia Cayman Islands Chapter, an alumni group from the Pares Secondary School (Observer media photo)
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By Neto Baptiste

Seventeen-year-old Carissa Ferrance has been named the first recipient of an academic scholarship named in honour of her father and former national footballer, Eustace “Barba” Ferrance.

The scholarship, which will provide recipients with tuition fees and books, was launched by the Georgia Cayman Islands Chapter, an alumni group from the Pares Secondary School, following Eustace’s passing on November 29 here in Antigua.

A member of the group made the announcement during a ceremony held at the school early this week.

“We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Eustace ‘Barba’ Ferrance Scholarship in honour of the late Eustace ‘Barba’ Ferrance who made tremendous contributions in sports. The first recipient of this full academic scholarship is a recent graduate of the Pares Secondary School who has excelled academically. She loves the colour pink, she loves to play video games, listen to music and spend quality time with family members. I would love to extend heartiest congratulations to Carissa Ferrance,” the alumni member said. 

Carissa, who will pursue studies in human resources at the Antigua and Barbuda International Institute of Technology (ABIIT), expressed joy in being named the first recipient of a scholarship designed to honour her father’s memory.

“It’s overwhelming, but I am glad, to be honest. They have been very good and I am pursuing human resource at the ABIIT because I just feel like it would be a good thing for me because I like working with people,” she said. 

Carissa expressed gratitude to the alumni as they would have supported the effort to fly her father to Trinidad for treatment prior to his death. Eustace was also honoured for his achievements in football with both the Parham Football Club and the senior men’s national team.

“He was always hardworking and consistent in what he was doing. He didn’t like things to be sloppy, he wanted everything to be done well, so I am glad that the association intervened and showed their continuous support prior to his sickness, and even up until his passing,” she said.

Eustace passed away late November following a prolonged battle with a suspected case of viral encephalitis or inflammation of the brain caused by a virus.

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