source: nhc.noaa

Tropical Storm Danny fizzled with the expectation of further deterioration today, amid zealous weekend preparations for strong winds and heavy rains.

As the storm approached the Eastern Caribbean Sunday, it not only slowed and weakened, but shifted further south.

At 8pm Sunday, Tropical Storm Danny was located 15.5 degrees north and 59.3 degrees west with maximum sustained winds of 40 mph.

The system was moving westward at 15 mph at that time and was expected to pass just south of Guadeloupe today.

The meteorological bulletin then forecast that today, “Skies would be generally cloudy to overcast with moderate to heavy showers and thunderstorms.”

Mariners were also advised to stay docked during the passage of the storm.

Despite the expectation of thunder storms and the possibility of flooding, the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) has advised people “should prepare as normal” for work today.

The now Tropical Storm Danny was the most dynamic system of the season, having been the only storm for 2015 to reach Category 3 status.

In preparations for the storm, residents cleaned their surroundings, boarded up windows, closed shutters and crowded supermarkets to stock up on emergency supplies.

The business community also took extra precautions to protect glass windows and doors, deep into Sunday afternoon.

The authorities at the V C Bird International Airport announced the closure of the facilities 9:30pm. In a statement to the media, the airport authority said it is expected to reopen the port of entry today, but did not give a specific time.

The authority also announced that plans to initiate operations at the new airport terminal, scheduled for today, has been postponed to Wednesday.

Ahead of the impending passage of the storm all outpatient clinic services, non-urgent admissions and surgeries scheduled for Monday and Tuesday at Mount St John’s Medical Centre were cancelled.

Director of the hospital, Doctor Sharon Cordner said all affected patients will be contacted by a hospital representative to reschedule appointments.

While, visiting hours which usually run all evening Sunday, was cut off at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

The administrator also assured there was enough clinical and non-clinical supplies to ride out the storm.