Damani Tabor seeks judgement against government

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The spokesman for the opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) wants the High Court to grant him a default judgement on his lawsuit against the government for alleged false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.
Damani Tabor, through his lawyer and father Charlesworth Tabor, has asked the court’s permission to seek such a judgement as he is of the view the government has no prospect of winning the civil case which he brought before the court.
He filed the application for the default judgement as the government failed, on the first occasion, to meet the court’s deadline to file a defence in response to the lawsuit on or before May 9. And, the subsequent deadline of May 16 was barely met on the evening of the deadline, though the arguments are said to be without merit.
Tabor filed his application on Wednesday and the court has set the matter for hearing on July 10.
The UPP Senator was arrested in March 2016, a month after he alleged on radio, that half a million dollars was missing from the Citizenship by Investment fund.
This allegation, though never proven true or false, was blamed for a subsequent decline in CIP applications.
Tabor was later charged with making public mischief and making a false statement. While the charges were later dismissed in August 2016 because one charge did not exist and the other was declared unconstitutional, Tabor wants what he calls “justice” for being arrested in the first place.

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