Cyclist injured by pothole in May recovering well, says federation boss

Cyclist Richard Lamb
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By Neto Baptiste

Richard Lam, the cyclist who was hospitalised in May after suffering broken ribs as a result of being flung from his bike after hitting a pothole, is said to be recovering nicely.

This is according to President of the Antigua and Barbuda Cycling Federation (ABCF) St Clair Williams, who said Lamb’s condition has improved significantly.

“He’s in very good spirits, I spoke to him a couple of days ago and we had a nice conversation and he’s healing nicely. He’s due for another check-up in a week or so just to make sure things are going well. According to what he told me the pains have subsided somewhat and he said that’s a good sign of his bones being healed,” he said. 

Lam, who was competing in the country’s first road race in May, hit a deep pothole just outside Bethesda Village and was flung from his bike as a result. The rider was taken to the Mount St John’s Medical Center with broken ribs and a suspected broken collarbone.

It was later confirmed that the cyclists had a number of broken ribs and other injuries.

Williams said it will be a while before Lamb resumes cycling activities.

“It’s going to be a while before he gets back on the bike and I believe he is looking at 2022 season. I don’t think he will be participating in any other races. He still has some time to go to make sure that those bones mend properly,” he said.

The cycling federation will host its national championships this weekend with the APUA Inet Individual Time Trial on Saturday and the Top Ranking Individual Road Race on Sunday.

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