Cycling head promises AGM, adds executive on track

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President of the Antigua and Barbuda Cycling Federation (ABCF), Mervyn Gore, has assured the body’s membership that an annual general meeting will be convened in short order.
His promise follows calls from some members
for the general body to officially convene as they have not met since earlier this year.
“Since the annual general meeting [January 10] there were some underlining issues why we have not held a meeting. When we had the annual general meeting, the finances [were presented] and there were some questions raised by some
members of the body and what the federation intends to do is sort out those issues before we have another meeting. I can say, off the top, that when the season restarts that we will definitely have a general meeting,” he said.
The 2018 cycling season is set to resume following the ongoing Carnival celebrations.
Gore however expressed confidence that the federation’s executive has, so far, carried out the mandate given.
“When the executive took the mantle up our primary focus was the juniors, and I can say our juniors are doing very well and in fact, at the recently held OECS in Dominica, one of our juniors actually came second and the other one came fourth and this is juniors competing against elite cyclists within the region,” he said.
“They had the John T Memorial two weeks ago in Anguilla and Renee Gayral actually won the juniors and he won in convincing fashion,” he added.
The federation is currently planning an invitational event which will see a number of regional cyclists compete here in the coming months.

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