Cycling federation gets big boost

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by Carlena Knight

The local cycling federation has received a huge boost in their attempts to keep the sport alive during the covid pandemic.

According to President of the Antigua and Barbuda Cycling Federation, Saint Clair Williams, the body was able to purchase a number of equipment through a grant from the world governing body.

One of these items purchased will allow cyclists to compete virtually against other riders from around the world.

“We bought two pack trainers and these are trainers where you can use, ride and train and race virtually with anyone around the world. You can set up this trainer at home as long as you have Internet; you just log on and then you can go on any course. If you want to go on one of the courses to Tour de France, you can do that and find people and race as well,” Williams explained.

The other items include visibility vests, tents, temperature laser guns and nine two-way radio systems.

Williams explained the necessity of having these radio systems.

“When we have our volunteers out there on the road, we need to communicate with them and also the team members because, from time to time when we are having a race, the team members would want to know if any more laps are there to go and with the absence of that, it was somewhat challenging to communicate instantaneously, so we have the nine two-way radios we purchased to fill that gap,” he said.

Williams also mentioned that each registered member will also receive a UCI card. These cards are used by cyclist all over the world as they hold pertinent information.

“For that to happen, we purchased a brand-new HP 15-inch laptop and also the ID tag printer, along with 300 cards. The cards are like a driver’s licence where you have all the necessary information. Your UCI ID number, your name, the class that you ride in. If you are a cyclist, you put cyclist, if you are a president or coach, you would put whatever it is that you are on that. That is an ID card that you can walk around and use wherever you go, once it is cycling; you go to China or England, this is what you use as a representation to get you to any of the events as long as you are invited to that event,” he added.

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