CXC results to be released today

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The nation’s students will know the outcome of their performances in the recent CXC examinations, as CSEC and CAPE results are expected to be released today (Tuesday).

Following the suspension of the traditional April-to-June timeframe due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the students were forced to sit exams in July, with only a multiple-choice paper, instead of the usual paper one AND paper two format.

According to local CXC Registrar, Myrick Smith, the students will today (Tuesday), be able to use their candidate and center numbers, to access the student online portal on the CXC website.

Hard copies of the exam results will then be given at a later date.

Speaking on the results Smith said, despite the absence of a paper 2, the original CXC grading format was used, with paper one graded at 30%, paper two at 50% and the School Based Assessment (SBA) at 20%. 

What will be adjusted, he said, is the emphasis on the exam profiles. These profiles include knowledge and comprehension at 28 marks, practical at 24 marks and use of knowledge at 8 marks. 

“Based upon the performance of the candidate in that area, and I’m using geography as an example, as well as the forecast grade which all teachers indicate the likely that they think each candidate will get, CXC will take all that into consideration and they will look at the trends of the accuracy of the forecast graded of the teacher over the years, because the teacher would have done that over the years, CXC would have recognized a trend, they would look at the performance in the profile areas, again looking at the trend. 

“Then using that along with other psychometric and test analysis instruments, they should be able to arrive at a grade which would be equivalent to the grade the candidate would have gotten if they would have done paper 2”, Smith explained. 

Smith assured the public that the validity and credibility of the grades for this year is sound, despite the drastic changes. 

He noted, however, that the results given today are ‘preliminary results’ and could be adjusted where necessary

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