‘Cutie’ gets hospital visit from PM

Minister of Labour Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin (File photo)
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Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin received a visit from Prime Minister Gaston Browne this afternoon in hospital where he remains two days after being admitted for a blood clot in his leg.

Benjamin – a familiar face on the local political scene for almost 40 years – spoke to Observer this morning to confirm that he was recuperating.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne (file photo)

Browne’s chief of staff Lionel Hurst told Observer a short while ago that latest reports were that Benjamin remained in good spirits and doing well.

Blood clots can be highly dangerous as they can break loose and travel through the veins to the heart or lungs causing a life-threatening condition.

They are particularly likely to affect people over the age of 65. Risk factors also include obesity, being sedentary for long periods of time, and family history.

Benjamin said he had requested a thorough medical assessment before leaving Mount St John’s Medical Centre.

Benjamin – who is also minister of public safety and labour – has held the St John’s City South seat since 1994.

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