Customs officer questioned over missing drugs

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A junior Customs officer was being questioned up to late yesterday after his home was searched in connection with a probe about a missing barrel that contained drugs and which was supposed to be under surveillance.
That’s according to sources close to the probe.
The barrel, which was in storage at Customs cargo at the V.C. Bird International Airport, had been brought into the country on Amerijet and when found to contain drugs, the K-9 Unit and Customs kept it under surveilance waiting for someone to go to clear it.
But then, the barrel disappeared last week when there was a change in the monitoring system, a source said.
The Customs officer was arrested since Friday because the barrel reportedly disappeared under his watch.
The officer’s home was searched but the police did not find any trace of the barrel nor its contents.
However, the police reportedly found camouflage clothing which they believe had been confiscated from people entering the country. It is illegal to wear any clothing resembling army camouflage so people entering the country with them are usually required to hand them over to the Customs authorities.

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