Customs officer dies “suddenly”

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Lloyd “Silah” Francis (Social media photo)

Police said they are awaiting the outcome of an autopsy before determining the course of their investigation into the “sudden” death of Lloyd “Silah” Francis who was discovered dead on Monday.
The Strategic Communications Office confirmed that police are looking into the death of the 51-year-old customs officer who was found at his Five Islands home.
A neighbour told police that she last saw Francis when he was in a rental vehicle sleeping outside his home.
Now, Francis, originally of St. Thomas, Jamaica, is being remembered by his friends with whom he shared a few drinks just hours before he died.
Longtime friend Eon McDonald who described Francis as a brother said he is still struggling to come to terms with the news of the death.
“I saw him Sunday afternoon and both of us went to Golden Grove to spend time with another friend. He drove his rental car and I drove my vehicle. We had a few drinks, not much because he is not a man that would drink until he was drunk…and we went our separate ways after 8 p.m. The next morning, I hear he was dead. I cried like a baby, I feel like to cry all now,” McDonald said.
The grieving man said he was still in shock and he quickly went to the scene where the reality set in that his friend of more than 20 years was gone.
“He was a good guy, he was a customs officer for about 20 years, he was the only foreign customs officer in this country,” McDonald said.
Everton “Claude” Carroll said Francis left his Golden Grove bar indicating he would be heading home.
“He called out to me saying he leaving. He was still his jovial self when he left. I got the shock that he died. I saw him at least twice per week. He wasn’t sick, I didn’t want to believe it was him, I had to ask if he had a car accident,” Carroll added.
His usual domino playing friends and colleagues also used social media to express sympathies to Francis’ family.
Police have questioned a woman living in Five Islands in connection with the death. She has since been released.
Francis was the father of two sons and a daughter.

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