Cultural Icon calls for national art gallery

Artist Heather Doram designed the country’s national dress (Photo contributed)
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Cultural icon and artist Heather Doram is calling for the development of a national art gallery to further promote artiste’s in Antigua and Barbuda.

Doram believes such a move will not only provide artists of all ages with an avenue to display their work but expose them to potential buyers in order to support their craft.

“If we had a national space where at least they’ll have the opportunity for the public to see their work”, she told Observer, adding that a shop could be attached to gallery to sell the work of the various artiste’s.

Doram believes that local artists need to also become inventive in getting more visibility for their work and suggested that more collaboration among artiste’s is needed to promote the work of individuals.

Doram recently unveiled a new collection of art work that she said is testament of the therapeutic nature of art as she encouraged residents to take up a creative outlet in order to boost mental health.

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