Cuba wants increased cooperation with Antigua and Barbuda

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Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to Antigua and Barbuda, Fiffe Cabreja, has indicated her country’s interest in increasing cooperation with the twin island state in several areas, including agriculture.
She indicated the interest during a recent courtesy call on Foreign Affairs Minister E.P. Chet Greene.
During their discussion, Minister Greene praised the existing relationship between the twin island nation and Cuba which predates Antigua and Barbuda’s political independence from Britain.
The discussion also touched on the twin island state’s effort to end the long standing economic blockade against Cuba by several Western nations. 
Minister Greene also praised the work of Cabreja’s predecessor, Ambassador Gustavo and his role in enhancing the level of cooperation between the two countries.
He also thanked Cuba for the support it offered in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. 
He was particularly thankful to the Republic of Cuba for its continued support in the provision of academic scholarships which has added to the existing complement of local professionals, particularly in the field of medicine.
The Foreign Minister also mentioned that Antigua and Barbuda has benefitted from Cuban professionals in medicine and civil engineering.
He, however, made a request for an expansion of the scholarships being offered to include arts and culture.

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