Cruise workers to assist in Covid fight

Charles “Max” Fernandez
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By Elesha George

[email protected]

Workers from the St John’s Development Corporation (SJDC) who were made redundant when the coronavirus brought cruise tourism to a halt earlier this year will be temporarily reassigned to the Ministry of Health.

A list of workers will be presented to Cabinet in anticipation of them later being redeployed to assist with enforcing Covid regulations.

The Tourism Ministry will volunteer some of these employees to work on screening duty while others will assist with contact tracing.

“We will be submitting a list to Cabinet this Wednesday of persons who we think have the capacity to assist with screening and also to assist with the contact tracing. That is one of the ways we think we can utilise our workforce,” said Minister of Tourism, Charles Fernandez.

“They will go through some training related to the skills that they would need to have to facilitate what they are doing and once they agree they will be assigned to assist,” he added.

The Ministry of Health has been overwhelmed with the amount of work needed to safeguard the country against the disease.

This move is expected to assist officials who have continuously underscored the need for more bodies in order to better enforce virus regulations.

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