Criticism levelled at Jamale Pringle for ‘lack of oversight’

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By Robert A. Emmanuel

Amidst a public fallout over the government’s flagship housing project, the Minister of Housing and Lands, Maria Bird-Browne was not the sole person to face criticism from political pundits over the lack of transparency in the operations of the National Housing Development and Urban Renewal Company.

On yesterday’s Big Issues programme, the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Jamale Pringle was singled out over the perceived lack of aggression as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee.

Under Section 98 of the Antigua and Barbuda Constitution, members of the Public Accounts Committee are appointed at the beginning of each Parliamentary session, “one of whom shall be a member for Barbuda in the House

[of Representatives]

, whose duties shall be to consider the accounts of all government authorities, courts, Commission established by the Constitution and the accounts of the Clerk to the House and the Clerk to the Senate, in conjunction with the report of the Director of Audit.”

Political commentator, Peter Wickham stated that transparency and public accountability was dependent on a strong opposition, particularly in the case of National Housing, which is a government owned company.

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