Crisis averted at Airport as firemen extinguish blaze near tarmac

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At 1:24 pm today, firemen of the Airport Fire Brigade responded in quick order to a call that one of Rubis’s pumps had caught fire.

The LPG provider’s no. 2 pump is located near to the tarmac at the V.C. Bird International Airport.

 Fire Brigade Chief, Elvis Weaver reported that eight firemen rushed to the scene and “met the number two pump on fire.”

“By their quick action,” Weaver continued, “they were able to put it out and avert a catastrophe.”

The firemen took approximately 10 minutes and used foam to extinguish the blaze before the fire could spread to the main LPG storage tanks.

The fire left some damage to a filter vessel of the pump and also slight damage to the no. 3 pump which sits immediate beside it.

The fire chief explained that the fire was caused due to, “possible leakage [at the pump].”

Asked whether the fire could have been caused due to possible negligence by the LPG-provider, the fire chief said, “These things are man-made, so there was probably some accident that took place. But I think that Rubis has all its safety measures in place. And, we do a lot of educational [activities] with them… a lot of drills etc.”

Weave added, “I don’t think the fire had anything to do with human error. I think that [Rubis] is well-protected fire-coverage-wise.”

There were no injuries or casualties suffered as a result of the fire.

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