Criminal records of four persons expunged

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Chairman of the Rehabilitation Board, Dr. Lawrence Joseph says the criminal records of four persons have been expunged following a recent announcement by from the Board announced that it was receiving applications from persons who are eligible.
“We had a total of five complete applications and we made a decision on four while one was delayed,” Joseph said on Friday. The members of the Board held the first meeting during the last week of June.
It was disclosed that the records against the persons whose names will not be published, were for minor offences such as obscene language and possession of a marijuana joint.
“These persons should not be referring to these offences on documentation like applications for jobs,” he said while confirming that before records are expunged a social inquiry report is done and each successful applicant is further encouraged to “keep the peace.”
As of November 2017, Grenada began enforcement of the Rehabilitation Offenders legislation that gives persons who committed minor crimes, the opportunity to have their records expunged after serving the prison term or paying a fine. The rehabilitation period ranges between four and six years after conviction.
For a person to have their record expunged, he/she will have to apply to the Rehabilitation Board using the Board’s official application form and pay EC$50 (One EC dollar=US$0.37 cents) to the Inland Revenue Department.
However, not all offences will be expunged, matters which are excluded from the rehabilitation process are murder; voluntary manslaughter; robbery with violence; arson and any indictable offence carrying a penalty including imprisonment for a term of fifteen years or more.
It will also not be offered to convictions where the person has been sentenced to life imprisonment for life or imprisonment for exceeding five years.

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