Criminal assizes for courtroom one to begin next month

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By Latrishka Thomas

The 27 cases listed to be heard during the upcoming assizes in the High Court, were assigned dates by Justice Ian Morley, yesterday.

The list was complete with at least one sexual offense case and two murder cases to include that of Mikhail Gomes who has been accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, Vincia James, two years ago.

James has been missing since April 7th, 2017 not been seen by her family and the body of the New Winthorpes woman was never found.

In fact, was the argument posed by defense Attorney Lawrence Daniel in an attempt to prevent Gomes from going to trial in the High Court when he appeared before Magistrate Conliffe Clarke for his committal hearing in 2018.

Gomes will appear before Justice Morley in November, in addition to Elon Ketwaroo who will stand trial for murder.

Kenroy Joseph and Craig Jarvis will also stand trial in October and November, respectively.

The first person who is expected to be sentenced is Jerome Sylvester in late October.

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