Cricketing Trio At UWI Scouting Camp

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Three of the country’s top young cricketers are currently in St Kitts where they are attending the University of the West Indies (UWI) Open Campus & Colleges scouting camp, which runs from April 20-25.
All-rounders Kofi James of the Liberta Blackhawks along with Kenrick Scott and Tyrone Williams Jr of the Empire Cricket Club, left Antigua this week for St Kitts in hopes of being one of the lucky participants of the camp.
President of the Antigua & Barbuda Cricket Association (ABCA), Leon Rodney, is hoping that all three Antiguan players will find success at the camp.
“Based on my understanding, they will definitely assist them to get to whatever level of education but they want the guys to play cricket. I think there is some level of recognition that everybody cannot be the doctor or the lawyer but once you can get them to a certain level of understanding and what’s going on in the world, then it’s fine, once they can get them to play the cricket,” he said.
The association, however, had to go the extra mile to ensure that the three players attended the camp, which is a move Rodney believes was the best one.
“Each territory is allotted five guys, but what has happened this time around is that the vice chancellor said that since the camp will be in St Kitts, apart from Leeward Islands having five and Windward Islands will also have five, that St Kitts could also have five and Nevis could have five because it’s being hosted there [in St Kitts],” the ABCA president said.
“Antigua said that you have to allow us a few more people and they said once they are going to do that, then we would have to foot the bill for the additional players and we didn’t see a problem with that,” he added.
Antigua & Barbuda recently captured the Leeward Islands Under-15 tournament held in Anguilla and were unbeaten in the competition.

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