Cricket Association waives dues ahead of AGM

ST JOHN’S, Antigua- “The ABCA is granting an amnesty to those who would have owed outstanding dues in a prior year (to 2013),” proclaimed the president of Antigua & Barbuda Cricket Association, Zorol Barthley.

This waiver of membership dues is in an effort for the association to finally achieve a quorum at its Annual General Meeting on Thursday evening that has long eluded the cricket body since the start of the calendar year.

The ABCA Articles of Association require a 25-member body – all financially up to date – to be in attendance to achieve a quorum.

“You can come in and you can pay your $200 to become current now and fall right back in line with having all the rights and privileges of being a member of the cricket association,” said Barthley.  “We are trying to generate the interest.”

This amnesty provision, however, does come with some inherent potential risks for Barthley and his team, as it leaves the association vulnerable to persons with disposable financial means who may want to “purchase” their way onto the executive body.

“At the end of the day, the cricket does not belong to Zorol Barthley or any one individual. So if you come with a clandestine operation, so be it. You have to deal with your conscience on that,” Barthley said.

“(But) if you come with a genuine love of cricket and development and the general advancement of it, well that is welcome.”

Barthley has shown his interest in continuing his service as president as he will be contesting the upcoming election. The cricket president said that there is “so much to be done. Others have made sacrifices for me when I played … when I grew up. So I wanted to be in a position to offer and make that type of sacrifice (for others). In that regard, I am still available, so to do.”

Barthley continued: “I’ve committed to doing it. There are certain things which have started and I am excited about some developments that we have on the horizon.”

Tonight’s ABCA election will be deemed crucial to national cricket, not only locally but on the regional front as well.

Leeward Islands Cricket Association (LICA) elections will be held in December of this year. Barthley reported that he has not received an official date for election from LICA, saying that, “it’s a sad predicament. It’s just gone on deaf ears … absolutely no correspondence.”

LICA’s head administrator, Gregory Shillingford, has already indicated that he would not be contesting the upcoming elections.  Thus, the landscape of representation for Antigua & Barbuda on both the LICA and West Indies Cricket Boards will change dramatically over the next two months, providing a new regime for 2014.

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