Creative residents sought to help turn trash into ‘green’ enterprises

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By Carlena Knight

[email protected]

With news that over 100,000 plastic bottles have been collected thus far in the Ministry of Environment’s plastic waste-free initiative, plans are being made to begin the second phase of the venture.

Project leader Indira James said the next stage will focus on ‘waste to product’. This means that the group will soon begin collecting and shredding the high-density polyethylene plastic bottles (HDPE) – or #2 plastic – which are used in countless everyday products such as detergent, shampoo and ketchup.

James explained that the team will identify and train tradespeople, craftspeople and other interested individuals in specific techniques to turn the waste materials into furniture and green businesses.

“What we are currently doing is that we are looking for persons who are tradesmen, furniture makers, persons who are even looking at starting up a green business. And what we will be doing in the months coming is that we will be having prototypes that we would be doing a display for so that you can see what is the final product when we say ‘waste to product’. Meaning we are shredding all of the HDPE plastics,” she said.

“So, the other categories that we are not collecting from the pop-up points like ketchup bottles, mayonnaise bottles, shampoo bottles, crates, pipes, all these other categories of plastic that we are using in everyday life, those will be collected and shredded and put into making chairs, tables and so forth.”

She said the initiative could provide a welcome source of income amid the harsh economic times brought on by Covid-19.

“This initiative is at a good time where persons are not working. A lot of persons are out of a job and what we have been noticing is that a lot of individuals are starting to make this a source of income for them.

“So, we are encouraging others to come out and participate and, during this time that we are going through, turn it into a positive where you can help the environment and help yourself by making some money so that you can help your family,” James added.

Interested persons can get more information by contacting Emma Samson from Searious Business at [email protected].

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