Cranston asks for two more years as Draughts Association gears up for Covid-delayed elections

President of the Antigua and Barbuda Draughts Association, Trevor Cranston (File photo)
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By Neto Baptiste

Incumbent head of the Antigua and Barbuda Draughts Association (ABDA), Trevor Cranston, says he will be seeking a third term in office when the body holds Covid-delayed elections on February 3.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, Cranston said he wants to continue the association’s push to have the game taught in every school in Antigua and Barbuda.

“We have actually engaged in a mentorship programme in the Greenbay Primary School which is my alma mater, and so because of the curfew we had to curtail the training so I want to continue the programme at the Greenbay Primary School.

“We had also just started in 2019 at the Potters Primary School so we want the young ones in Antigua and Barbuda to learn the game of draughts. We are planning also, to take the game into the secondary schools so that is one of my main options [goals] in terms of seeing that the game is spread in Antigua and Barbuda and further afield,” he said. 

The former Warri Association boss however pledged that, if elected for a third two-year term, he would not seek a fourth term in office.

“Since I’ve known myself as a young boy I have dedicated myself to sports in my community and I’ve served in various organisations.

“I am getting a bit old now so I want to pass on the mantle to someone much younger who is able, so I want to say it officially that if I am elected on Thursday, this would be my last term in the Antigua and Barbuda Draughts Association as the president.

“I can serve in another capacity but I want to pass on the mantle to someone else so they can carry on the development of draughts in Antigua and Barbuda,” Cranston said. 

Thursday’s annual general meeting will be held inside the King George V Restoration Society Community Centre starting at 7pm and Cranston is urging members to bring their memberships up to date ahead of the vote.

“What I have actually discovered is that, and you find this in all of the associations, is that if tournaments are not being played then you would find that members do not pay up their dues as when tournaments are being played but what we have done, because we want all the members to be able to participate in this general election, the general body has met and individuals whose dues are $50 or more we are asking them to pay the $50 and also $5 for the month [February] in order to vote in this election,” he said. The association last held elections in June 2019 but was forced to postpone the 2021 vote due to Covid restrictions.

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