Covid survivor McCoy: ‘It’s good to be home’

Covid-19 survivor Aldo McCoy expressed his gratitude to all those who assisted him on the road to recovery
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By Carlena Knight

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“It’s good to be home,” said Covid-19 survivor Aldo McCoy who returned to Antigua earlier this week after spending five months in the US undergoing treatment.

McCoy’s story is one that struck a chord with the public last year when the father-of-one became the third person in Antigua and Barbuda to survive the coronavirus after being on ventilator support for more than two months.

He joined two other survivors — Keith Dover and Dr Raymond Daoud — who had also spent months in the hospital in 2020 battling the virus.

The Villa/Point native was admitted to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre on February 10 2021 after feeling ill for two days. He was finally discharged three months later.

But following his release, complications arose and he required surgery which could only be performed overseas.

Several fundraisers were held, donations were made by the public and government, and McCoy left the country last December for New York for the treatment.

The 50-year-old basketball commentator and banker, who returned home on Sunday, told Observer yesterday that the surgery was indeed a success.

“Everything went well. At least, we got the surgery done and it has been successful.

“I have to return within three months to see the doctor for a follow-up, but so far the healing has been up to about 90 percent.

“I had to do follow-ups every two weeks after the surgery which was done on February 10 and get some steroid injection treatments to try and subdue the scarring from returning, so we are just watching that.

“So, hopefully when I return maybe in July he can give me the all clear and say that everything is well and complete,” McCoy explained.

He added that he is “extremely relieved” that his breathing has improved but says a full recovery is still some way off.

“This journey is not easy. It certainly continues because although I don’t have Covid, the long Covid effects stops your energy and everything, so I now have to work on building up my strength and just getting everything back and going back on a normal track, but we are fighting to get there and we will get there through God’s grace,” McCoy said.

Now back home, the Paradise View resident said the focus will be to return to some sort of normalcy in his everyday life.

“I haven’t been to the beach as yet, so I am looking forward to going to the beach; I spent a whole winter away. Of course, getting back to work, spending more time with family and friends and just really enjoy what’s left of the second chance I got,” he added.

He did however pause to express his appreciation to all those who supported him in his journey.

He thanked his family both in Antigua and abroad, his friends, the people of Antigua and Barbuda and the government for their help.

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