Covid-hit residents at elderly care home ‘doing well’

Twenty-five of the Fiennes Institute’s 68 residents and two staff tested positive for the virus (Facebook photo)
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By Gemma Handy
[email protected]

More than two dozen elderly residents who contracted Covid-19 amid an outbreak of the virus at a local care home are said to be doing well and continuing to show mild symptoms only.
Twenty-five of the Fiennes Institute’s 68 residents tested positive for the illness last week.
An insider told Observer that staff were monitoring them closely and striving to prevent further spread.
The infected residents remain isolated but are feeling well and ready to come out of their rooms, the source said. They are expected to be retested for the virus today.
“They are doing fine; we have not had anybody that’s got worse. Infections will
happen from time to time as the pandemic continues, but thankfully they are all vaccinated and staff are working closely with them and giving them their vitamins,” the insider explained.
Two of the facility’s staff also tested positive and are said to be isolated at home.
It is the second outbreak of Covid-19 at the Queen Elizabeth Highway-based institution since the onset of the pandemic and employees are keenly aware of its potential ramifications.
In early 2021, 32 residents and six staff became infected. Tragically, 11 residents – aged from their 70s to 90s – died.
Sources told Observer they were grateful that, unlike last time, all patients and staff are now vaccinated which they believe has kept severe symptoms at bay.
“Last time we had an outbreak, which was around February or March last year, they were not vaccinated and no one really knew what to do. It was crazy.
“Some suffered symptoms like hallucinations which we knew were out of character for them.
“Thank God this time is better and they only have mild symptoms,” the insider added.
Nursing homes worldwide have been particularly badly hit by Covid-19 with elderly people especially vulnerable to the illness.
The Ministry of Health’s latest dashboard revealed there to currently be 27 active Covid cases in the country, none of whom is hospitalised.
To date, almost 62,000 people are said to have been fully vaccinated against the virus in Antigua and Barbuda.

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