Covid guidelines laid out for barbershops and beauty salons

An image from an electron microscope shows SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Scientists say this version of the coronavirus has mutated and become more contagious. (Associated Press)
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By Theresa Goodwin

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Owners and operators of barbershops, beauty salons and nail shops will have to fully comply with specific guidelines as recommended by the Central Board of Health (CBH) in order to reopen for business on Monday.

Prior to the resumption of business, all facilities will have to be inspected thoroughly to ensure that proper hygiene, social distancing and the recommended Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are in place.

The government agency is advising the proprietors of these businesses to consider using a touchless infrared thermometer to check the temperatures of employees, and of each client who enters the premises. Any employee or client who registers a temperature of 99°F or above should be sent home immediately and not allowed to return to the establishment until they have no fever and no evidence of Covid-19 symptoms.

They are also being asked to work by appointments only, thus limiting the number of persons waiting area in the premises.

“It is recommended that clients wait outside the salon/shop in their vehicle until the hairdresser or barber is ready to serve them. It is recommended that persons not being serviced in the salon/shop wait outside the salon/shop.

“Salons/shops are not to be used as social gathering places! The numbers of clients in the waiting area should be determined to the extent if six feet apart can be achieved,” CBH said in statement issued on Thursday evening.

The owners are also being encouraged to ensure they are using PPE such as gloves, face masks, neck strips and capes. They must install hand washing stations, and use cleaning agents to disinfect their workstations, waiting area, bathrooms and other areas.

“All salons/shops must be thoroughly cleaned first, then disinfected. Disinfect all surfaces, tools, and linens, after any extended period of closure of the salon/shop. Disinfect all workstations — barber/salon chairs — before receiving the next client. Disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as door handles,” the statement continued.

“Use disinfectants that are registered and labelled as bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal. No product will be labelled for Covid-19 yet, but many will have human coronavirus efficacy either on the label or available on their website.

“Central Board of Health recommends regular household bleach for disinfection of surfaces. Disinfectant for immersion of tools, must be mixed daily. Solution must be changed every two hours or if hair/debris are floating or cloudy solution occurs.

“Disinfectant only works on a clean surface so clean all surfaces and tools with hot soapy water or cleaning wipes (if using wipes, be sure to cover surface thoroughly) before disinfecting. Thoroughly clean then disinfect all machine/clippers, shavers, comb and brush between each client.”

In an interview on Friday, Chief Health Inspector Sharon Martin explained that a series of inspections will be conducted to ensure that business owners are in full compliance and are ready to serve the public.

She said an initial inspection will be followed by periodic checks, and these will be conducted by CBH staff.

“It is critical that the barbershops and salons comply with the guidelines so we are going to be monitoring the situation and those who fail to comply will be forced to close immediately,” the Chief Health Inspector said.

CBH is asking business owners to contact 727-7077 to make an appointment for an inspection as soon as possible.

Several business places have already put measures in place to ensure health and safety standards are maintained.

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