Court jails Pares gunman, fines for others caught with drugs and camouflage

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A one-year jail sentence is what Curtis Carr has to serve for unlawful possession of a pistol while another one year sentence was imposed for possession of 19 bullets. The sentences will be served concurrently.
Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel also fined Carr $1,500 for possession of 88 grammes of cannabis when he appeared in the All Saints Magistrate’s Court for sentencing yesterday. He was ordered to pay it forthwith or serve 30 days in jail.
The Pares Village resident had pleaded guilty to the offences on Monday.
The court heard that the police, along with K-9 Unit dogs, went to the Pares property on June 20 to search on the authority of a court issued warrant.
The dogs sniffed out the 9mm pistol and bullets which were hidden in a compartment in the wall behind the refrigerator in the house occupied by the convict. While the police found the cannabis in a Nescafé bottle in his refrigerator.
His brother, Carlos Carr, was meanwhile fined $1,000 for unlawful possession of two camouflage jackets and a pair of pants that the police found in his home. This sum had to be paid immediately to avoid a 30-day jail sentence being put into effect.
The third convicted man, Bernado Milford, who also lives on the Pares property which has three houses in the yard, was fined $5,000 and he had to pay $1,000 immediately; while the balance has to be paid in $1,000 instalments from July to October. If he defaults, he would be jailed for one year.
This sentence was in connection with the 266 grammes of cannabis found in the house.
The trio was among six people arrested last Wednesday. But, after they – Curtis, Carlos and Milford – pleaded guilty, the charges were withdrawn against Ickford “Ocean” Carr, Christopher Carr and Deshaun

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